Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Math Bags for Monday Made It


I am so excited to come up with a solution to a problem I was having with my math manipulatives.  We are starting a new math program this year and it will require students to be using a variety of math manipulatives every day, with the very least being a Judy clock, unifix cubes and number line.  I didn't want to waste a lot of time each day passing out and collecting all the supplies.  So, I broke out my sewing machine and am making Math Bags!  Aren't they cute?


They are really easy to make!  I took a handkerchief and cut it in half.  Sewed the two sides with a straight stitch.  Sewed a piece of grogain ribbon for the handle and then attached a Velcro dot in the middle of the open side, so the pieces won't easily fall out.  Here are the supplies: