Thursday, August 2, 2012


Our school-wide theme for this coming year is all about heroes.  What do you think of when you here that word? A fit, caped, daring individual?

 Or do you think of our military?

Sometimes our heroes come in the most unlikely of places.  What I want my students to "get" this year, is that they can be a hero without wearing a cape or being a dazzling and daring.

We have a story in our reader that demonstrates this idea perfectly.  If you haven't read it, you need to get it and share with your students.

Dex: The Heart of a Hero By Caralyn Buehner Illustrated by Mark Buehner  

Dex, The Heart of a Hero by Caralyn Buehner

It's a story about a very unlikely hero who chooses to work hard to become a better person, a hero.  In the end, he's forced to decide to help those who made fun of him along the way, or help them.  It's a fantastic read and the illustrations are beautiful and colorful.  Check it out!


Chrissy said...

Thanks for suggesting this book. It would be great for a writing lesson about heroes. It would be fun to talk to the kids about what they think a hero is and who their heroes are. There's an Air Force Base in our town so I wonder if the kids would think of our soldiers.
Glad you linked up with the party!
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EmBellish said...

Yay for new bloggers! It can be so overwhelming huh? So fun to read about everybody's favorite books.

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