Monday, July 30, 2012

Online portfolios

Three Ring

I came across an online portfolio that I think is simply amazing! ThreeRing is just next to brilliant! You can take photos, videos, audio recordings, and upload documents to each students online portfolio in an instant. You set up tags so that each piece you are using will be "filed" under multiple areas. For instance, tag an example of a student's problem solving with that student's name, math journal tag, and/or assessment. I can't wait to share this authentic evidence of student's work at parent-teacher conferences or RTI meetings!


Kristen said...

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! I'm so glad because it led me to yours and this resource looks wonderful!! Thanks so much for sharing!
Kristen :)

Dianne said...

Welcome to bloggy world! Thanks for the online portfolio tip. It looks really good and can't wait to try it. You need to add a 'followers' gadget to your blog so we can all join you. :)
Dianne at Hopelessly Devoted

tamberly said...

Thanks Dianne and Kristen for visiting my blog and commenting! You are both 2 ladies whose blogs I view very frequently, and it just thrilled me to to no end that you guys posted my blog! I have a lot to learn about the technical side to blogging, but hope to catch on quickly! I have added the followers gadget as you suggested Dianne. Thanks again!!

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